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Anti-Theft Nuts/Bolts

Anti-theft bolt nut made from mild steel, stainless steel or high tensile steel has a hexagonal head with thin neck with conical shape covered threaded part. Anti-theft bolt are a type of shear bolt used in many industries where robust permanent security fixings are required like fencing, defense equipment, solar and energy installations and aerospace industry
Anti theft bolts nuts combination gives protection from malicious destruction, theft and tampering as it has a unique shear off feature which causes the hexagonal part of the fasteners to break off when maximum torque limit surpasses. Bhalla Fasteners superior quality Anti Theft Bolts with Nuts are made from premium quality raw materials and precision engineered to met clients specific requirements. This combination of bolts and nuts is ideal for applications where maintenance is not required and ensures the safety of the product for a lifetime. Hence it offers a longer service period and anti-corrosive nature which ensures a fit and forgets solution that has provided its reliability over the years. 
Manufacturing Range
At Bhalla Fasteners we can make from Diameter 8mm to 24mm anti theft nut bolt and can also manufacture  as per customer  dimensions.