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Linchpin is a special type of fastner used to prevent a wheel or any part from sliding off from the Axle upon which it is riding.They normally have a hole at the end of the spindle to keep a wheel or bearing from sliding of the end of the shaft . They have a Spring steel ring connected to a heat treated steel pin. Linch pins are much stronger then Cotter pin or hitch pin. A typical 7/16 inches linch pin will have shear strength exceeding 11000 pounds making them ideal to be used in agricultural equipment’s .They require at least one predrilled hole and some form of lock to be effective and are most commonly used in towable trailers, boat trailers and campers.Ensuring safety and secure locking operation are one of the functions of linch pins. Bhalla Fasteners is one of the leading manufacturers of linch pin in India. At Bhalla Fasteners linch pins are manufactured using high quality steel machined to close tolerances and zinc plated in order to ensure long life.

One of its application is securing implements onto the three-point hitch of a tractor .These linch pins can be a substitute for an R clip for securing hitch pins.

For coupling applications two mating segments are aligned and held in a position by the pin which helps them to resist shear forces making them different from bolts.

Material can be low,medium or high carbon alloy steel / spring steel with yellow zinc plating .Linch pin Din standard is DIN 11023. The finish is as a result of zinc dichromate electroplating process as zinc significantly reduces the corrosion rate of ferrous metals forming a protective barrier helping keeping out moisture thus significantly reducing the speed of corrosion.