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pan phillips head screw manufacturer in India

pan phillips head screw manufacturer in India 

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Pan Phillips head screw is a common and versatile type of fastener widely used in various applications across industries. Their unique design makes them a reliable choice for assembling different materials, ensuring strong and secure connections. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and various applications of pan Phillips head screws, highlighting why they are a go-to solution for fastening needs.

What is a Pan Phillips head screw?

A pan Phillips head screw is a type of machine screw characterized by its flat, rounded head and cross-shaped Phillips head drive. The Phillips head drive, with its four-star pattern, allows for easy engagement with a Phillips head screwdriver, minimizing the risk of cam-out and providing increased torque transfer during installation.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Easy Installation: The design of the pan Phillips head allows for straightforward installation, reducing the chances of damaging the screw or the workpiece during fastening. The Phillips head drive's self-centering nature ensures a stable connection, saving time and effort during assembly.

  2. Versatility: Pan Phillips head screws are available in various sizes, lengths, and materials, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's woodworking, metalworking, electronics, or DIY projects, these screws adapt to diverse tasks with ease.

  3. Secure Fastening: The pan head of the screw provides a large bearing surface, distributing the load evenly across the material being fastened. This feature ensures a strong and secure grip, enhancing the longevity and durability of the joint.

  4. Corrosion Resistance: Pan Phillips head screws can be manufactured using materials with excellent corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel or coated alloys. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications, humid environments, or projects exposed to varying weather conditions.


  1. Woodworking: Pan Phillips head screws are commonly used in woodworking projects due to their ease of use and ability to fasten wood securely. Whether constructing furniture, cabinets, or home renovations, these screws are a reliable choice.

  2. Electronics: The precision and uniform torque transfer provided by pan Phillips head screws make them a staple in the electronics industry. They are commonly used to secure components on circuit boards and electronic enclosures.

  3. Automotive: Pan Phillips head screws find applications in the automotive industry for assembling interior components, dashboard panels, and various mechanical parts.

  4. Construction: From installing drywall to securing metal brackets, pan Phillips head screws play a crucial role in the construction industry for their speed and reliability.

Weight Table

Weight chart of pan phillips head screws

Weight in kgs. per 1,000 pcs. unless otherwise specified. All weights are approximations.

Diameter M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
3 0.34              
4 0.37 0.621            
5 0.40 0.666 0.99 1.40        
6 0.43 0.710 1.05 1.48 2.66      
8 0.49 0.798 1.17 1.63 2.91      
10 0.55 0.876 1.29 1.79 3.16 5.14 10.9  
12 0.61 0.954 1.42 1.94 3.41 5.49 11.5 21.2
14 0.67 1.03 1.54 2.10 3.66 5.84 12.2 22.2
16 0.73 1.11 1.67 2.25 3.91 5.29 12.8 23.2
18 0.79 1.19 1.80 2.41 4.16 5.64 13.5 24.2
20 0.85 1.27 1.92 2.56 4.41 6.00 14.2 25.2
22 0.91 1.35 2.05 2.72 4.66 6.35 14.8 26.2
25 1.00 1.47 2.25 2.94 5.03 6.87 15.8 27.7
28 1.09 1.59 2.50 3.24 5.4 7.40 16.8 29.2
30 1.18 1.71 2.63 3.44 5.7 7.75 17.5 30.2
35     3.4 3.94 6.5 8.60 19.1 32.7
40       4.44 7.3 9.50 20.7 35.2
45         8.0 10.4 22.3 37.7
50         8.7 11.3 23.9 41.2
55             25.4 43.7
60             27.0 46.2

All information is strictly informative

Specification Table

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