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IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts manufacturer in India

IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts manufacturer in India 

IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts is a critical standard in the realm of construction and engineering. These nuts play a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of high-stress applications. Compliant with the Indian Standards, IS 6623 outlines the specifications and requirements for high-strength structural nuts, catering to industries where precision and reliability are paramount.

Manufactured from premium materials and subject to rigorous quality control measures, IS 6623-compliant nuts offer exceptional durability and load-bearing capacity. Their high-tensile strength and resistance to deformation make them indispensable in demanding environments such as bridges, high-rise buildings, and industrial machinery.

By adhering to IS 6623, you can rest assured that your construction projects meet the highest safety standards. These nuts are designed to withstand extreme loads, vibrations, and environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Moreover, employing IS 6623-compliant nuts demonstrates your commitment to quality and safety, enhancing your reputation and business prospects. When it comes to securing critical structures, IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts are the dependable choice, meeting the exacting demands of modern construction projects.

Weight Table

FRICTION GRIP NUTS manufacturer 

IS 6623 / ISO 4775

Mechanical Property : 8.8 or 10.9 as per ISO 898 (2), IS 1367 (6)

Threads : ISO Metric 6H Class as per ISO 965, IS 4218

Dia M16 M20 M22 M24 M27 M30 M36
Pitch 2 2.5 2.5 3 3 3.5 4
d 26.16 - 27.00 33.00 - 34.00 35.00 - 36.00 40.00 - 41.00 45.00 - 46.00 49.00 - 50.00 58.80 - 60.00
h 16.40 - 17.10 19.40 - 20.70 22.30 - 23.60 22.90 - 24.20 26.30 - 27.60 29.10 - 30.70 35.00 - 36.60
Proof Load in N  8.8S 168900 263400 325700 379500 403400 603100 878300
10.9S 195500 305000 377200 439500 571500 698400 1017200
Weight (kg./1000 Pc) 60.4 115.3 142.8 197.7 282.3 365 600
Specification Table

IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts manufacturer in Mumbai 

IS 6623: High Strength Structural Nuts manufacturer in Pune 

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