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Platings and Finishes

Finish Color Anti-Corrosion Properties Used With Characteristics And Uses
Black Oxide Black Good-Interior Only Most metals Decorative finish. Used on interior applications.
Black Zinc Black Excellent All metals Rich and lustrous. With or without lacquering.
Cadmium Bright Silver-gray Dull or burnished Very Good Most metals Non-porous metallic plating. Rich appearance, good rust resistance, low cost, good electrical conductivity.  Bright silver-gray dull gray or black electroplated finish.
Chromium (Chrome) Bright Blue-white Excellent All metals Used wherever a beautiful finish is desired.  Bright blue-white lustrous appearance.  Electroplated.
Dichromate Dip Rainbow Excellent All metals A yellow, brown, green or iridescent colored catalog. This dipping process gently increases rust resistance.  Add to Zinc or Cadmium plating.
E-Coat Black Excellent-168 Hour Salt Spray All metals Added protection containing corrosion inhibitors. Excellent for exterior applications.
Iridite Green, Blue, Olive Drab, Red, Bronze, Black Excellent All metals A colouring dip which also adds rust resistance. Usually applied on Zinc or Cadmium.
JS-500 Chrome-like luster Excellent-500 Hour Salt Spray All metals Outstanding corrosion resistant finish that provides economical corrosion protection without adversely affecting dimensions.
Nickel Silver Very good All metals A hard stable, dull white or bright burnished finish. Used for appliances and hardware.
Parkerized Black Excellent Ferrous metals Added protection when oiled with a non-drying petroleum oil containing corrosion inhibitors. Good lubricity.
Phosphating Dull, gray, black, or blue Excellent Ferrous metals A chemical process of rust-proofing steel.
Passivating Excellent Stainless steels For stainless steels.  A nitric acid dip to remove foreign material and brighten finish.
Zinc Electrogalvanized Gray Very good All metals A commonly used finish with good rust resistance, appearance and low cost.