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What is a geomet coating?

GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based coating dispersion containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. Multiple layers of  zinc and aluminum platelets align forming a metallic gray-silver coating. Geomat coating applied as a liquid, becomes totally inorganic after curing at 575-600° F (300- 315°C)


Geomet coating process

Dip-Spin – Dip-Spin application methods are used for coating small parts. Bhalla Fasteners which  is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of geomat coated fasteners has geomat testing laboratories inc in which fasteners are loaded into a perforated metal basket and immersed into the GEOMET coating. On lifting the basket excess coating are spun-off the parts.

GEOMET coating was first employed in 1998, by automotive manufacturers across Japan, United States and Europe. Well established brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, GM, VW, BMW, FIAT, are using this coating for corrosion protection.

Geomet coating vs zinc plating

GEOMET  has applications not only  in automotive industry but in wind power, rail, electrical, public works and many industries including  fasteners industry.

Environmental awareness across the globe in past years and with  increasingly stringent laws are being enacted in order to regulate toxic substances certain coatings like  the use of hexavalent chromium, which was widely used as effective coating for prevention of rust - is likely to be regulated and phased out under the new environmental regulation, especially those being adopted in US and Europe.

Among this geo met was born as a new chromium free coating technology.



Weight Table


GEOMET coating  minimizes rusting of fasteners and also enhances aesthetic beauty. Bhalla Fasteners uses geomet 360 as high performance thin layer anti-corrosion systems as geomet coating is chrome free and is well suited for protecting both large and small parts with simple or complex geometry

Bhalla Fasteners has various geo met coatings

GEOMET  720 is applied to protect fasteners and othertypes of metallic parts from corrosion and is used in many industries. In Asia it is the reference zinc flake coating.

  • Thin caoting, dry-film, non-electrolytic
  • Water-based coating
  • Passivated zinc and aluminum flakes in a binder, patented chemistry
  • Metallic silver appearance

Characteristics and performances

  • The coefficient of friction can be adjusted to targeted values ranging from 0.06 to 0.20 (ISO 16047) with NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP selected topcoats
    • Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227)
    • 1000 hrs without red rust
  • No hydrogen embrittlement needed
  • Excellent assembly and multi-tightening behavior (with lubricated topcoat)
  • Performance maintained at elevated temperatures (up to 300°C)
  • Paintable coating
  • Electrical conductivity is  for most application processes
  • Bimetallic compatibility with aluminum


GEOMET® 321 is applied to protect fasteners and many type of metallic parts from corrosion and is used in many industries. It can be combined with PLUS®, DACROLUB® or GEOKOTE®  layers to provide a very broad range of friction coefficients. It is the most widely used product in zinc flake technology.

  • Thin dry-film, non-electrolytic
    • Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227)
    • 240 hours without white rust test
    • 720 hours without red rust test
  • Water-based chemistry
  • Passivated zinc and aluminium flakes in a binder, patented chemistry
  • Chrome free alternative to DACROMET® 320
  • Metallic silver appearance





GEOMET® 360                                                             

GEOMET® 360  is formulated to protect brake discs against corrosion. The brake disc surface can be totally thin layer coating, still providing high performances without any influence on braking characteristics. GEOMET® 360 is obtained from a water-based dispersion of zinc and aluminium flakes. The color of the coating is silver Characteristics and performance*

  • Cosmetic protection: the brake discs can be seen through the alloy wheels. The aluminium silver color of GEOMET® 360 integrates perfectly with the style of steel alloy wheels
  • Braking behavior: the low thickness of the coating on braking surfaces does not damage the quality of braking during the vehicle first use and enables a temporary protection of brake discs surfaces
  • Temperature resistance (400°C) enabling  an excellent corrosion resistance on vehicles.
  • Protection inside the vents: no oxidation inside the fins with better thermal exchange while braking.
  • For after-market industry GEOMET® enables to assemble the brake discs on vehicles without pre-degreasing (dry protection)
  • The stronger corrosion protection of GEOMET® on the hub mounting surface makes brake disc dismounting easier


GEOMET® 500 is applied to fasteners and many type of metallic parts to protect from corrosion, and it is used in many industries

  • Thin dry-film, non-electrolytic, self-lubricated fasteners.
  • Water-based chemistry
  • Chrome free alternative to DACROMET® 500
  • Metallic silver appareance

Characteristics and performance

  • Coefficient of friction: 0,15 В� 0,03 (ISO 16047)
    • Salt Spray Test (ISO 9227)
    • 240 hours without white rust
    • 720 hours without red rust
  • Non hydrogen embrittlement
  • Excellent assembly and multi-tightening behavior
  • Good mechanical damage (test method D24 1312, USCAR 32) and chemical (test VDA 621-412) resistance
  • Performance maintained at elevated temperatures (up to 300°C)
  • Paintable coating
  • Electrical conductivity for most application
  • Bimetallic compatibility with aluminum


Specification Table


1. Non polluting, environmentally responsible coating

a) Water based chemical solution

b) Completely chromium free solution

c) Closed system coating process

2. Outstanding resistance to the salt spray test and cyclic corrosion test

GEOMET® coating  when put through its paces in the salt spray test and cyclic corrosion test provides a very high degree of corrosion resistance.

3. Superb resistance to high temperature heat and corrosion

GEOMET® coating withstands high temperatures for an extended period of  time as it contains no crystalline waters or resins that can easily deteriorate under heat. With electro galvanized coating (colored chromate coating), the surface chromated film will fail at approximately 100ºC, where upon the surface properties will after and corrosion resistance will plummet.

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4. Superior prevention of galvanic corrosion of aluminium parts

Galvanic corrosion is when a metal or alloy of a given corrosion potential contacts another metal or alloy having a different corrosion potential. It is also anticipated in conditions where an aluminium material contacts a galvanized part or a GEOMET® coated part. The corrosion potential of zinc (the material used in the process of galvanization) is lower than that of aluminum, so electrolytic corrosion with aluminium will be prevented for the time when the sacrificing anti corrosion effect of the zinc coating is maintained. Once the zinc metal is consumed and the base iron material is exposed, galvanic corrosion will occur between the iron and the aluminium. GEOMET® coating effectively suppresses the consumption of zinc metal, due in part to the fact that its corrosion potential which is close to that of aluminium, and partly due to its controlled sacrificing protection effect over zinc. Hence geomet , provides lasting protection against galvanic corrosion with aluminium. When stainless steel is coated with GEOMET, the corrosion potential of the stainless surface can be reduced, thereby preventing the pitting corrosion that can otherwise occur through contact with aluminium.

5. Excellent coating properties

GEOMET®  provides superior rust proof performance  on the inner surfaces of pipes which can be hardly reached by galvanizing.

6. No concern for hydrogen embrittlement

The absence of hydrogen embrittlement in the application of GEOMET® has been confirmed by the delta gauge method, which measures the extrusion distance before fracturing occurs.

7. Applicable over various metals

GEOMET® coated can be applied over a a wide range of materials, from iron and cast iron to stainless steel, aluminum and sintered metals.

8. Overcoat can be applied on GEOMET® coating

The overcoat compatibility of GEOMET® coating with solvent type was verified with melamine alkyd resin baking and powder coating.