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Din 980 Prevailing Torque Nut has a special thread locking system which withdraws the bolt reverse turning or backing off that withdraws loosening under vibration. Din 980 lock nuts are also  named as stiff nuts, prevailing torque nuts, and lock nuts. Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts is one piece, prevailing torque hex nuts come with a flat bottom bearing surface and a conical top which have chamfered corners. These nuts have  locking action is made by twisting the top threads wihch resists loosening caused by vibration, shock, and other dynamic forces. They are also one way lock nuts as they are installed one way conical top up and only its bottom surface is flat, due to . It is used in automotive, agricultural equipment and in the metalworking industries, it also known as automation style lock nuts, all metal lock nuts, all steel lock nuts and top lock nuts.
DIN 980 lock nut feature has unique design that stops it from loosening when exposed to vibrations. There are  various types of lock nuts, the most common of which are nylon-insert lock nuts and metal lock nuts. Nylon lock nuts feature a layer of nylon material which covers the interior threading. I


Weight Table

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Specification Table

DIN 980 Specifications

Fasteners, Best Quality Fasteners
All measurements in millimeters (mm)
d1 s e min d2 h max
M4 7 7.66   4.2
M5 8 8.79   5.1
M6 10 11.05   6
M8 13 14.38   8
M10 17 18.9   10
M12 19 21.1   12
M14 22 24.49   14
M16 24 26.75   16
M18 27 29.56 23 18
M20 30 32.95 27.5 20
M22 32 35.03 29.5 22
M24 36 39.55 31 24
M27 41 45.02    
M30 46 50.85    
M33 50 55.37    
M36 55 60.79