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DIN 975 Threaded Rods manufacturer in india

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Din 975 Threaded Rods With Metric Thread Manufacturer In India

Bhalla Fasteners is the leading manufacturer of threaded rod in India. Din 975 Threaded Rod With Metric Thread is 1 meter in length usually. These rods are  threaded in a helical structure throughout the length. They are used to fasten or pin two materials together.

Like studs threaded rods have no head and the threading extends till the end to causing rotational movement when in use having effective grip strength throughout the length .The threaded shafts of these bolts are longer as compared to other bolts and screws. The direction of the thread of these rods depends on whether the rod is a right head thread or a left head thread. These bolts are known as thread rods or ATR as they do not have a head part like other screw or bolts which have a head part.

Bhalla Fasteners is the leading threaded rod manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Din 975 threaded rod is embedded into concrete or metal structure or are used to align them and are used in a variety of applications like plumbing, agriculture, marine, manufacturing, and contract working. These specific applications requires choosing the right material for these rods and Bhalla Fasteners  expert staff specializes in this and provides you the best solution. Bhalla Fasteners also export threaded rods to USA and is also the leading manufacturer and supplier of Threaded Rods and Studs in USA.

These threaded rods din 975 are also known as red-rods, continuously threaded rods, or even fully threaded rods. These rods are common fixing for support systems and can withstand an elevated level of pressure and tension. Bhalla Fasteners is the leading Threaded Rod manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India.

Bhalla Fasteners is the leading  manufacturer, supplier and exporter of threaded rods din 975 in USA ,UK ,Poland, Germany ,France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austrailia, Scotland, Panama, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay

Bhalla Fasteners is the leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, trader of threaded rods din 975 in Kolkata, Coimbatore, Salem, Chennai, Hosur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,Gujrat, Karnataka, Kerala,  Perambur, Ennore, Ambattur, Pune, Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Chandrapur, Ichalkaranji, Jalgoan, Kohlapur, Sriperumpudur, Meerut, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Kalyani.

Stock Lengths

  • 1 meter
  • 2 meter
  • 3 meter
  • 3 foot
  • 6 foot
  • 10 foot
  • Rolled Threads
  • UNC, UNF
  • MM Threads
  • BSW
  • Inches

Specifications threaded rods din 975

Grades: Grade 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8, SS 304 The threaded portions are UNC coarse threads with no chamfer on the ends.

Diameter : 1/4" to 4" or 6mm to 45 mm

Finish: Self Finish, Electro Zinc Plated, Yellow Finish, Auto Black Finish, Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG),Nickel,Chrome Plated .


Weight Table

DIN 975 Threaded Rods weight chart

Weight in kgs. per 1,000 pcs. unless otherwise specified.All measurements are in length for 1000 mm.

Size(DIA) Weight
M2 18.7
M2.5 30.0
M3 44.0
M3.5 60.0
M4 78.0
M5 124
M6 177
M8 319
M10 500
M12 725
M14 970
M16 1330
M18 1650
M20 2080
M22 2540
M24 3000
M27 3850
M30 4750
M33 5900
M36 6900
M39 8200
M42 9400
M45 11000
M48 12400

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