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HSFG Washers

HSFG as the name suggest stands for High Strength Friction Grip. They make use of friction which is explicit from the name itself.

HSFG fasteners (consisting of set of bolts, nuts and washers) are basically high strength fasteners are used under the head of externally threaded fasteners and high strength bolts. They are used to indicate whether the required tension has been achieved in the support structure. These made out of medium or high carbon steel depending on the application or the load they have to bear. Like the other type of washers, the core functionality of the HSFG washer is to spread the load on thin support structures which are mostly sheet metal. They have wide application in the power plants and automobile sector. We take the quality of our products very seriously and ensure that all our fasteners are corrosion resistant, come with a friction grip and very high tensile strength for increased durability and comply with international standards for the same. Our HSFG washers are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel materials.

IS 6649- 1985 type A, B, AND C, BS 4395
Metric: M5 to M24
Inches: As Per Requirement
We can provide High Strength Friction Grip Washers which are perfect for tolerating heavy loads on thin sheet metal.

HSFG Washers