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Cap Nuts

Hex cap Nuts (DIN 1587) are basically hexagon six sided blind nut having a doomed end on one side which are used for covering the threaded end of all types of bolts or screws this improving the aesthetics of the bolting joint and also protecting the thread from the nearby objects 

They can be made from cold and hot forging processes depending upon the size. At Bhalla 

Fasteners we can manufacture cap nuts from M10 to M40 in mm .Bhalla Fasteners manufacture variety of Cap nuts for connector bolts. Hex cap nut  dimensions are defined in both metric and imperial sizes with unified national course pitch (UNC) ,fine pitch (UNF), fixed bitch (UN) and ISO metric thread profiles.Bhalla  Fasteners is a leading cap nuts manufacturer in India satisfying to the Industrial cap Nuts demands of clients across the globe .In order to make these Nuts study, reliable and highly resistant to corrosion these are galvanised and hence also called Galvanised Cap Nuts or Dome Nuts. Mostly at Bhalla Fasteners these nuts are Crome Plated(mirror finish ) in order to make them more reliable and finished appearance.


Sizes: M6 to M 40 ,3/8 to 1 inches 

Grades: 4.6 ,4.8,5.6,6.8,8.8,10.9


Finish : Self,Auto black ,Hot dip galvanised,zinc electroplating ,Dacromet ,Crome plating 

Cap Nuts