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Crash Barrier Bolts manufacturers in India

Crash barrier bolts(Din607) manufacturers in India 

Guard rail bolts/crash barrier bolts(Din607)  are special designed high tensile bolts mainly used in the installation of Road crash barriers/Guard rails which are used in highways at the road sides and turning points of roads in order to prevent disastrous accidents.Bhalla Fasteners is the leading manufacturer of crash barrier bolts as per the customer specific projects. Bhalla Fasteners is also the leading manufacturer,supplier and exporter of these high tensile guard rail bolts used in various assembly works.These bolts are hot dip galvanised to achieve coating thickness of 100 microns and pass standard salt spray test requirements. At Bhalla Fasteners we manufacture crash barrier bolts which are used in palisade railings using top-notch alloy steel and latest technology thus making us capable to fulfil the bulk requirements of our customer.

Bhalla Fasteners products are widely accepted all over Europe,Middle East ,Uk,USA and Australia.

We manufacture customised crash barrier fasteners (Bolts ,Nuts and washers ) for crash barrier and fencing systems .We also manufacture Shear nuts /Antitheft nuts to be used with these guard rail bolts.Common sizes we keep in stock are M16x30mm ,M16x32mm,M16x35mm ,M16x50mm


Sizes: M8 to M30 

Grades: 4.5,4.8,5.6,6.8,8.8,10.9

Finish : Self,Auto black ,Hot dip galvanised,zinc electroplating ,Dacromet 

Crash Barrier Bolts manufacturers in India