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Banjo Bolt

A banjo bolt is one half of a banjo fitting compressing of a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union  connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo for passing pressurized fluid commonly used in automotive fuelmotor oilhydraulic systems (e.g. brakes and clutch) and 

Fitting is in high pressure applications (i.e. more than 50 bar). 


As in comparison to pipe fittings that are themselves threaded, banjo fittings on the other hand have an advantage that they don�t need to be rotated relative to the host fitting. Thus it avoids risk of damage by twisting the hose when screwing the fitting into place.


Three Holes Banjo Bolt

Material: Mild Steel. Usage/Application: Industrial, Automotive. Size: Standard. Surface Treatment: Yellow Zinc, White Zinc


Common sizes are M10x1.25X19, M12x1.25X24, M14x1.5X26, M16x1.5X28, M18x1.5X32

Material: Mild Steel, EN 1AL(free cutting steel), 11SMnPb30, EN8 / AISI 1045

Thread: I.S.O. metric (fine & rough), UNF, UNC

Surface treatment: clear /yellow zinc plated, olive green zinc plated, dacromet, hot dip galvanized 



Pal nuts or DIN 7967 Counter Nuts

Pal nuts which are commonly also referred as counter nuts, stamped sheet metal check-nuts or self-locking counter nuts.

They are made from a spring-like steel material allowing them to deform under load pressure, before returning to their original shape in the threaded portion. They have the ability to be used in areas with space restrictions while resisting loosening with vibrations

They are very lightweight and can be tightened easily with tools.

Available from standard in a range of sizes listed below, in steel galvanized, steel zinc, self-color and A2 and A4 stainless steel.

Sizes range from M4 to M30,

Banjo Bolt